Monday, March 22, 2004

Dagger in the Night

The next day Tryptifaeris walked out of his Mog house to a gorgeous evening, stars are begining to shine, as I cross the drawbridge an air ship began it's final approach into the Port of Bastok. I talked to one of the guards at the northern gate and recieve my sigil to represent my nation in the struggle to control the majority of the lands of Vana'Diel. Well once again I went out and hunted for experience and with my new found knowledge about the TP meter I kicked much arse. But FFXI isn't just about leveling up, it's also about community, so far people seem very friendly, helping others when they need it, so last night I was walking by and spoted someone who could use a little boost of health I cast cure on them, later I ran into them hanging out at a campfire so I asked if I could hang out there for a bit, and they obliged, we chated for a bit, then I left to XP off a few river crabs and the occasional Black Wolf then headed back to Bastok to systematically talk to as many NPC's as possible and mark them on the map. I talked to some shady hume in warehouse 2 which triggered an event, I traded my 1 piece of iron ore and was sent on an errand to bring mining paperwork to a Galka in the mine district of Bastok. Well I found the Galka and gave him his paperwork and he gave me a dagger......that a white mage like myself can't use! So I went to my Mog house and put it in my mog safe for a later date when I begin to learn the ways of the Black Mage.