Friday, March 19, 2004

Bastok: City of Industry

March 19th 2004 Tryptifaeris took his first footsteps in the world of Vana' Diel! Let me begin by telling you, plan to do the installation on a free day. The entire time from installation to taking your first step into Vana' Diel may take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, depending on your connection speed. Also there are multiple servers named after popular FF summons like Shiva, Ifrit, Titan, Garuda, Ramuh and Bahamut and you are randomly assigned to a server. But there are ways around that....we'll come back to that later.Typtifaeris the red headed, elvaan mage began his adventure in the bustling metropolis of Bastok on the Shiva server.

My friend Krogenar the hulking Galka monk also started in Bastok but on the Sylph server which means he can do 1 of 2 up 1600 gil (final fantasy $$$) and buy a world pass and get me to his server OR create his character all over again, go thru the intro scenes and see what server he lands on, if it's not the right server delete character and try again and again and again.
After the introductory cut scene I was handed an adventurers certificate and tasked with trading it to an NPC named Reeta. The city of Bastok consists of 4 different districts, Bastok Markets, Mines, Metalworks and Port Bastok, there are ALOT of NPC's as well as players running around. After almost an hour I still haven't found Reeta the NPC I'm supposed to trade my adventurers certificate to.
I've equiped my armor and primary weapon (an onk-like staff) and ventured outside the cities natural barricade of mountain sides. I kicked the crap outta some huge hornets, worms, ding bats and have learned the ever-valuable white spell cure :) So far my first impression of FFXI is this this game is massive and the community is generally friendly and helpful.