Thursday, March 25, 2004

Open your Mine

Tryptifaeris has been in Vana Diel for a week and I'm at level 9 WHM. I meet up with Krogenar the other night and we treked to the Palbourough Mines to get some XP, the Mobs in North and South Gustaberg are coning at easy - too weak to be worthwhile, which means poor XP. As we ran to the the mines, I spotted other adventurers running past us on Chocobo's. The entrance to the Palbourough Mines is tucked away in a nook on the northern section of Gustaberg, we entered and the cold air from deep within the mines rushed over us. We slowly made our way down the tunel, a tunnel hare hoped by, it coned at easy prey, so me moved a little further in and spotted something we had never encountered off in the distance, a funguar, it appeared like a mushroom with the legs of a cricket. I checked it and the funguar registered as a decent challenge so as I stood behind my galka friend Krogenar I cast Dia on it, apparently had friends and this is where I learned about mobs that link. Three funguars came down the path from the dusty shadows, Krogenar stands in shock as the shrooms start beating me to a pulp, as my life quickly departs my body I stare at Krog in disbelief as he bravely unsheathes his weapons (his fists) and begins pounding on the fungai. He died moments later, we HP'd back to Bastok.
Meanwhile our friends BenTidus, Outlaw, Big Will, Fenster, Wolfcry, Dangler, Almightylock, Angel, and Swizz have taken up residence in San d' Oria to the North. Krogenar, Kopernikuz and I are trying to organize a trek to meet them but at our levels the trip would most likely end in disaster...

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