Monday, September 18, 2017

Movie Review IT

I never saw IT originally, so I decided to see IT, I don't like Clowns but I was like fuck IT, I'm a big boy now how scary could IT possibly be!?
IT WAS disturbing scary, not cheap-jump-out-of-your-seat scary! IT reminded me why I dislike clowns and old condemned houses in the neighborhood that all the kids say is haunted.
The make up and effects used for Pennywise were never overdone yet his presence in any scene stole the scene! Along with Pennywise the sets and atmosphere masterfully captured everything that makes children hide under their bed sheets at night!
I didn't recognize any of the child actors but they all did a fantastic job, the group reminded me of movies like the Goonies and Monster Squad but more serious. It's very a narrow line that horror movies walk when there are child actors involved and IT reached that limit with poping the ballon if you get what I mean.
Pennywise  wise scared the shIT out of me and I'm a grown ass adult! My 7 year old son told me a kid in his 2nd grade class watched either I'm a big wuss or my son's friend is full of shIT.
I haven't seen a good horror movie in so long this was welcome change from the annual Saw flicks and Insidious sequels!
Growing Up my best friend's family had a summer house that we's go to to occasionally and there was a guest room that was decorated floor to ceiling with clowns.....I opted to sleep down in the bottom floor where I could hear mice scampering across the ceiling tiles in stead of the "clown room".

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Rebels S4 Trailer 2

The 2nd trailer for the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels just came out and based on the timeline the series should bleed nicely into Rogue One and provide a smooth transition for Director Krennic, and perhaps some easter eggs for the December release of The Last Jedi. I'm very curious about the fate of Grand Admiral Thrawn!
I'm also very excited to see the return of Bo Katan....seems like the dark Sabre keeps coming around to her.