Thursday, April 25, 2013

Street Fighter Assassins Fist: Hyunri to play Sayaka

The latest cast announcement is actress Hyunri who will play Sayaka.
I do recall i n the anime Street Fighter Alpha Generations there was a Sayaka who visited Goutetsu's dojo during Gouken and Gouki's training. She could act as a catalyst between Gouki and Gouken which gives gouki more reason to succumb to the Satsui No Hado.....

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thor 2: The Dark World Teaser Trailer #1

Phase 2 of the Marvel roll out is starting to pick up with Iron Man 3 set to hit theaters in little over a week Thor 2 the Dark World trailer hits the web today!
So Thor brings Jane back to meet dad, but I sense a little jealousy       with fight!!
Thor does his best impersonation of Darth Vader's NOOOOoooooo and there's alotta 'splosions and Thor teleporting back and forth...So the 50 million dollar question...Who's got the most badass cape? Thor or Superman?
Does the cape make the man or does the man make the cape?

Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection 1987-2012

Last year I played alot of Metal Gear solid! In August MGS4 got the trophy patch, then I played MGS Peace Walker, then I triple dipped on Snake Eater (for the trophies). Then we were treated too the mysterious teaser trailer for a game called The Phantom Pain which we all know now is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain....which I'm very excited for!
The 25th anniversary was going great and then day before yesterday I read about The Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection...
This PS3 exclusive comes with:
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD
~MSX Metal Gear
~MSX Metal Gear 2
Metal Gear Solid Peace: Walker HD
Metal Gear Solid 4 "Trophy Edition"
Metal Gear Solid VR Missions
Digital Graphic Novels

So who is gonna buy this?
No sorry I love the franchise but I have MGS(PS1), MGS2 (PS2), MGS3: SE (PS2), MGS3: SE Subsistance (PS2), MGS3 SE HD (PS3), MSX MG, MSX MG2, MGS:PW HD (PS3), MGS4 w/ trophy patch (PS3).
The next Metal Gear Solid game I'll own is MGSV: TPP
The ONLY way I would ever consider buying this collection is if it included a remastered MGS with trophy support and trophies for MSX MG & MSX MG2. And perhaps some incentive towards MGSV.
Who would I recommend this collection to? My friend Krogenar, I've been his gaming guru since the days of  SNES and this is one series I feel he needs to experience to understand why I'm such a fan. Awhile back I said to him at this point I'm more excited about the story of MGSV than the graphics and/or gameplay...I know he must've been scratching his head on that comment! And anyone who's mildly interested in this franchise...this is your opportunity to experience one of video games most influential and enjoyable franchises for 25 years!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Street Fighter Assassins Fist Gaku Space to play Gouki (not Akuma)

Gaku Space has been announced to play Gouki....not Akuma.
The best annalogy would be Gouki is to Anakin as Akuma is to Darth Vader...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Street Fighter Assassins Fist: Meet Togo Igawa aka Goutetsu

If you're unfamiliar with Togo Igawa please enjoy the below clip from 2009's film Ninja where he plays Sensei Takeda.
Great choice to play Goutetsu the master of Ansatsuken as well as Gouken and Gouki's Sensei!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Street Fighter Assassins fist: Meet Mike Moh aka Ryu

Wanna see what SFAF actor Mike Moh will be bringing as Ryu?
Ok I'm sold!
Mike will definitely do Ryu proud! Pay attention to 0:38!

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is ALIVE! ALLIIIVVEEE!

What are you doing to me Square Enix!? My heart can't take this much longer...I started posting about Final Fantasy VS XIII waaaay back in 2007, six years ago! I was blown away by what the first trailer showed, four years later in January 2011 Square Enix revealed the second trailer for Final Fantasy VS XIII,

and once again Square brought hope back into my life that this awesome awesome looking game had not become vaporware.
Then last July multiple gaming sites put out news that Final Fantasy was most likely cancelled and the cries of millions of Final Fantasy fans could be heard from space...
We are now in April of 2013 rumors are that Square Enix has used a pheonix down on Final Fantasy VS XIII and that there will be an announcement concerning the fate of Noctis Lucis Caelum and Stella Nox Fleuet soon. As mentioned there is a chance Final Fantasy Vs XIII development has moved to next gen systems and may become FFXV.

Man of Steel trailer #3

The third trailer for Man of Steel hit the interwebs yesterday, and yet again the trailer does a perfect job of showing just enough to whet our appetite for what I believe will be an amazing superhero movie and a worth while return of Superman.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Street Fighter Assassins Fist: Shogen to play young Gouken

So Joey Ansah has just announced Shogen will be playing a young Gouken. This is great because it means we will see the betrayal! And I'm hoping in more than just a flash back sequence!
Show us Gouki! I also wanna see young Ryu and young Ken!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters S3 E56 Rebellion recap

Finally! Fridays episode was chock full of all the ingredients that has made this show so great, Prime dies and meets "his maker" Alpha Trion.... but is brought back by the power of the Forge of Solis Prime! Ultra Magnus leads an assault on the Decepticon Citadel which doesn't go very well.
Shockwave gets pissed when the Predacon gets bridged to the arctic and he takes matters into his own hand  and leaves the Citadel to put the hurt on Bulkhead and Wheel Jack.
Megatron whoops Ultra Magnus's ass and then reminds him he's no Optimus Prime....which was great because the episode kept hinting that Ultra Magnus was going to become the next Prime.  But that didn't happen...In the Autobots darkest hour Optimus Prime returns with some upgrades! And proceeds to beat the shit outta Megatron! Optimus turned the tide and the Decepticons are forced to abandon Darkmount as it crumbles down.
There were some jems in this episode!
1. We get to see Alpha Trion again
2. Megatron kicking UM's ass and reminding him he ain't a Prime
3. Wheel Jack's laser whip
4. Shockwave kicking 2 autobot wreckers asses and letting them know their assault was highly illogical...."clarity of thought before rashness of action"!
5. Shockwave requesting a bridge out as Darkmount is crumbling down around him like a boss!

Courtesy of Wheel Jack 1768 pls enjoy the first 4 episodes uninterupted

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Street Fighter Assassins Fist: Akira Koieyama to play Gouken

The actor playing Master Gouken has been announced as Akira Koieyama! Akira looks more like the younger Gouken seen in SF Alpha Generations than the Gouken from Street Fighter IV.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Street Fighter Assassins Fist: Mike Moh to play Ryu

Mike Moh lands the role of Ryu, Goukens student who permanently scars the Champion Muai Thai fighter Sagat when he succumbs to the Satsui No Hado, the dark power that engulfed Gotetsu's student Gouki.
DAMn DAMN DAMN I'm so hyped for this series!!!

Elysium Trailer

Sony Pictures released the first trailer for Neill Blomkamp's new sci film Elysium....
So in about 141 years from now the 1% will live in an orbital space station with the most power cutting edge tech and medical advances available to where do the rest of us live? On the sphincter muscle of our solar system.... planet earth!
I love the concept because much like Gattaca this sci fi movie is litterally on the horizon of reality! You have to be blind if you don't see it on a daily basis, the middle class is being slowly being pushed to one side of the 1%/99% line.
Adolf Hitler tried to create the Arian race....a superior race by forced genderfication, nowadays it just happens, the filthy rich live in their gated homes in their gated communities they have their rich friends over and all belong to the same country club, they are sent to the same universities as their parents, meet the same type of people, get jobs because of who they know or related to, they marry the same type of people and plan they're pregnancies so they're kids can grow up together and continue the cycle.
</rant end>
I loved District 9, it was original and did a phenomenal job with a very small budget, and based on this trailer I think Neill Blomkamp has another great sci fi film in store for us this August.

Street Fighter Assassins Fist Kyle Pryor to play Ken Masters father

You know what this announcement tells me? We may actually see Ken Masters as a young boy being brought to Gouken's dojo where he meets Ryu. Kyle Pryor did stunt work in Underworld Rise of the Lycans.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Okami HD

I've been enjoying my return to Nippon in Okami HD, and am just about ready to board the Ark of Yamato! I simply need complete the 3rd and final devil gate trial in Kamui, collect the last 2 from the above mentioned devil gate and the other from behind the Blockhead  in Kamui, I need 3 more fish to complete my fish tome...1 loach, 1 Giant Catfish and 1 Oarfish, I need 2 statues the Dragon and Horse and then I'll be ready to face Yami and claim the platinum trophy!
Again if you've never played Okami I highly recomend picking up this gem on the PSN!

Not sure? Check out my Okami Review  from when I originally played the game.

Street Fighter Assassins Fist: Togo Igawa to play Gotetsu!

Who was Ryu and Kens Sempai? Gouken. Who was Gouken and Gouki's (Akuma) Sempai? Gotetsu!
Any fan of Street Fighter knows this, and in the Street Fighter Generations anime we see how Gouki claims the beads of power. I am so psyched that Togo Iwata will be playing Gotetsu in Street Fighter Assasins Fist! He looks perfect for the role!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Street Fighter Assassins Fist Kickstarter

If I can I am definately gonna contribute to this kickstarter project!
Joey Ansah is asking all fans of Street Fighter to rally behind him in creating the definitive live action Street Fighter we've all hoped for...not the crap Hollywood has given us.

Street Fighter Assasins Fist kickstarter project

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters S3E55 Prey Recap

So Miko, Bulkhead and Wheeljack plan to blow up an energon mine but things go south when Predaking shows up. The three hitch a lift on a strange ship to escape Predaking only to discover Jack, Arcee and Ultra Magnus, who retains much of his G1 appearance are on board. The team shake Predaking and reunite with Rachet Bumblebee and Raf, meanwhile beneath the Decepticon Citadel Smokescreen stays with FUBAR Prime. Prime tasks Smokescreen with stealing back the Forge of Solis Prime. When He returns Prime explains that he didn't intend on using it on himself but on the Omega lock on Cybertron to restore the dark world. Oh and then Optimus Prime mutters that there will be a new Prime and says he sees the new Prime in front of him....I can only hope Prime is halucinating!     

Shudders at the thought of Smokescreenus Prime!

Check out the promo for next weeks episode Rebellion!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters S3E55 Prey sneak peak

Predaking and Ultra Magnus race through the mid west!
Haven't watched Transformers Prime yet? Well Michael Ironside is the voice of Ultra Magnus, now go set up your DVR and we'll see you at the party ;)

GTA V box art revealed!

R* just released the official box art for GTA V! With this and the recent pics released the media blitzkrieg has officially begun! Are you looking forward to GTA V? I am, I was not blown away with GTA IV but I have a good feeling about GTA V.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Walking Dead S3 E16 Welcome to the Tombs recap

Something tells me the Governor won't be running for re-election in season 4.
Well season 3 has concluded and The Ricktatorship has suffered many losses, I'd like to take a moment of silence for these fallen warriors....
 Lori Grimes....mother of the year! Screws her husbands best friend, then haunts her husband after death....Daryl had you pegged! Dumb Bitch.

T-Dog...survived till season 3! Only to die in a prison in a world with no police....RIP bro!
 Oscar you weren't with us for very long but you choose wisely when you joined the ricktatorship....too bad you died because of Rick's hallucinations....

Axel, you are the epitome of white trash, wrongly accused and imprisoned, only to be freed during a Zombie apocalypse! The Rickopolis didn't ask for pedo bear but we got one....and just when we began to like you BAM HEADSHOT! RIP Axel
Merle, you were an asshole since we first met you on that rooftop and you never failed to do te wrong thing, it's a testament to the quality of the writers that somehow some way within 2 episodes we some how began to pity your miserable existance. Merle RIP

Milton, your experiments failed, you're a terrible liar, your faith in your friends is highly dubious and asking an old man if you can see his "stump" is just creepy....and I thought there was a chance you were gonna turn out to be an evil genious....I was wrong you were just a meek creep! RIP Milton

Andrea, I liked you, you screwed all the bad guys Shane and The Governor, you told Lori how it is, you put your sister down, you were suicidal then you became Dr Kevorkian's assistant in season 2, and finally after you found a reason to live you have to commit suicide because Zombie Milton gave you a hickey! RIP Andrea

So last night's episode didn't go the way I expected, the Woodbury militia could say the same thing! Dayum, the Governors military school has a very high dropout rate! Hey Martinez....good luck with that!
Now on to Carl....that boy has some serious problems with authority and next season's slogan may be fight the dead, fear the living and whoop your son's ass when he talks back at you! 
I wonder how Daryl would be at disciplining young Carl?????
For those wondering why Rick didn't take over Woodbury....the Prison is a much better fortification against any type of threat than a suburban concentration camp!
Of the original group we are left with Rick, Carl, Carol, Glen and Daryl MFin' Dixon! 
To all those we've lost thank you for making this show so dam great!