Sunday, April 7, 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters S3E55 Prey Recap

So Miko, Bulkhead and Wheeljack plan to blow up an energon mine but things go south when Predaking shows up. The three hitch a lift on a strange ship to escape Predaking only to discover Jack, Arcee and Ultra Magnus, who retains much of his G1 appearance are on board. The team shake Predaking and reunite with Rachet Bumblebee and Raf, meanwhile beneath the Decepticon Citadel Smokescreen stays with FUBAR Prime. Prime tasks Smokescreen with stealing back the Forge of Solis Prime. When He returns Prime explains that he didn't intend on using it on himself but on the Omega lock on Cybertron to restore the dark world. Oh and then Optimus Prime mutters that there will be a new Prime and says he sees the new Prime in front of him....I can only hope Prime is halucinating!     

Shudders at the thought of Smokescreenus Prime!

Check out the promo for next weeks episode Rebellion!