Monday, April 1, 2013

The Walking Dead S3 E16 Welcome to the Tombs recap

Something tells me the Governor won't be running for re-election in season 4.
Well season 3 has concluded and The Ricktatorship has suffered many losses, I'd like to take a moment of silence for these fallen warriors....
 Lori Grimes....mother of the year! Screws her husbands best friend, then haunts her husband after death....Daryl had you pegged! Dumb Bitch.

T-Dog...survived till season 3! Only to die in a prison in a world with no police....RIP bro!
 Oscar you weren't with us for very long but you choose wisely when you joined the ricktatorship....too bad you died because of Rick's hallucinations....

Axel, you are the epitome of white trash, wrongly accused and imprisoned, only to be freed during a Zombie apocalypse! The Rickopolis didn't ask for pedo bear but we got one....and just when we began to like you BAM HEADSHOT! RIP Axel
Merle, you were an asshole since we first met you on that rooftop and you never failed to do te wrong thing, it's a testament to the quality of the writers that somehow some way within 2 episodes we some how began to pity your miserable existance. Merle RIP

Milton, your experiments failed, you're a terrible liar, your faith in your friends is highly dubious and asking an old man if you can see his "stump" is just creepy....and I thought there was a chance you were gonna turn out to be an evil genious....I was wrong you were just a meek creep! RIP Milton

Andrea, I liked you, you screwed all the bad guys Shane and The Governor, you told Lori how it is, you put your sister down, you were suicidal then you became Dr Kevorkian's assistant in season 2, and finally after you found a reason to live you have to commit suicide because Zombie Milton gave you a hickey! RIP Andrea

So last night's episode didn't go the way I expected, the Woodbury militia could say the same thing! Dayum, the Governors military school has a very high dropout rate! Hey Martinez....good luck with that!
Now on to Carl....that boy has some serious problems with authority and next season's slogan may be fight the dead, fear the living and whoop your son's ass when he talks back at you! 
I wonder how Daryl would be at disciplining young Carl?????
For those wondering why Rick didn't take over Woodbury....the Prison is a much better fortification against any type of threat than a suburban concentration camp!
Of the original group we are left with Rick, Carl, Carol, Glen and Daryl MFin' Dixon! 
To all those we've lost thank you for making this show so dam great!