Saturday, March 30, 2013

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters S3E54 Scattered recap

Last night Raf and Bee find Rachet, Jack and Arcee are met by Autobot Wrecker Commander Ultra Magnus, Wheel Jack escapes the Decepticon Citadel and meets up with Miko and Bulkhead, Smokescreen stays by FUBAR Prime...
On the Decepticon front Shockwave rejoins the Decepticon forces to the delight of Starscream,
Starscream "lets" Wheel Jack escape the citadel with plans to track him back to the remaining autobots, but WJ outwits Scream and escapes Starscreams armada....Megatron gets pissed. Shockwave activates Predaking to resolve the cons ineptitude in eliminating the remaining Autobots....
Next Week the gang reunites under Ultra Magnus's Command and Smokescreen sneaks into the Citadel and retrieves the Forge of Solis Prime....God I hope they find Optimus before he passes the matrix over to Smokescreen!
Shudders at the thought of Smokescreenus Prime!