Friday, March 1, 2013

Star Wars Episode VII Speculation/theory

I haven't written anything regarding the sequel trilogy yet because honestly there's little to no info regarding the direction episode VII is going to take. We know JJ Abrams is directing, we know Kathleen Kennedy has left JP4 to focus on the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy.
I've read the rumor that John Noble (Walter Bishop/Denethor) may be involved...if this materializes into something more tangible I think he would be a phenomenal Sith Lord!
So a long time ago...1995/1996 I registered at a little site known as the Galactic Senate, when the prequel trilogy was announced that site  blew up with speculation and from many knowledgeable fans some really great ideas came to fruition....some better than what we saw on the silver screen.
Since the prequels ended I haven't posted there much but yesterday I ventured over and started reading some early speculation about episode VII. Most of what was being discussed revolved around Mark Hamill and how he's been asked if he'd want to reprise his role as Luke Skywalker and how it will tie into the Sequel Trilogy.
Most theories revolved around Luke forming a new Jedi Order after the events of RotJ....this seems to be the most popular belief of state of that galaxy far far away after Vader tosses the Emperor over the edge and then dies from his wounds leaving Luke as the last remnant of the Jedi (not counting Yoda's mention of another).
We're all told that the outcome of the events from RotJ had brought the force back into balance, I have to disagree!
Everyone is assuming Luke continues down the path/life of a Jedi.
 Balance=equality=1 to 1 ratio.
Here is my theory of why Lucas Film has approached Mark, Harrison and Carrie and how they will fit into the ST. 
What if Luke becomes a recluse/hermit? Why would he choose this path? 
Because Luke realizes to truly bring balance to the force there must be equilibrium If the Sith are truly extinct then the Jedi must fade away as well...Yin/Yang, equality, balance! Luke realizes this and chooses to let go of all he loves and fade into obscurity to achieve true balance, the last thing he tells Leia is to never mention to her children anything of Anakin, Darth Vader the force or of their family essence let the legends fade into obscure legends of hokey religions. 
Leia not being a fan of the force and the whole Jedi/Sith mess because of what she learned about her father promises without hesitation and follows in her maternal mother's footsteps and pursues a career in galactic politics as the Republic begins to recover from the fall out of the Empire.

If there's one thing thing I know Lucas loves to do is mirror events in the Star Wars Universe and flip them on their heads, this is seen throughout the PT compared to the OT.
So X amount of years after the events of RotJ Leia Organa marries Han Solo (this is what 90% of fans assume) and have X number of offspring, 3 if were borrowing from the EU.
Leia keeps her promise to her brother, but curiosity killed the cat and one of Han and Leia's kids begins to question who this uncle Luke guy is that mom and Dad mention every once and awhile. His curiosity leads him to extra curricular studies where he learns more about that hokey religion that seems very taboo to talk about these days.
I'm gonna guess the Solo kids will be around the same age as Luke was in ANH and if Leia is all in politics they may live on one of three planets, Coruscant, Naboo, or some yet to be seen planet.
So while mom's off doing politics on Coruscant, and Dad's off with Lando working out some business this curious kid somehow travels to Tatooine to find out more about this Uncle Luke guy and gets in over his head with some locals or sand people and just as the Batha poodoo is about to hit the proverbial exhaust port a hooded cloaked figure scares of the attackers crouches down on bended knee and places one hand on the solo kids head. 
As he sits up the mysterious man pulls the hood back and it's Luke Skywalker!

Am I the only one who thinks Mark Hamill mirroring Sir Alec Guinness when we first meet him in ANH wouldn't get the entire theater up with a standing applause?! 

Now this could really go anywhere from there but it would be incredible fan service! 
If it were me writing the script I'd have Luke also go to Toshi Station to catch a ride with this young kid to where ever they're needed to go, Yavin IV perhaps. And while walking thru Toshi Station Luke stops to purchase something and young Solo asks Luke what he just bought, Luke responds "Something I've been meaning to get for some time"...

Again this is just me speculating on Star Wars episode VII, please share your thoughts....