Saturday, October 5, 2019

Netflix Animated Series Seis Manos.....this ain't my Saturday Morning Cartoon Series!

This was a great 8 episode series about 3 orphans in a small Mexican town, San Simon that are swept up in an occult criminal organization's bid for power.
Like the Title of this post says this show looks like something I would've seen on Saturday mornings as a kid but it's really not! One of the 3 orphans at Chiu's Dojo is named Silencio....not because he's shy! Yeah...that's some dark shit for an animated show! The show masterfully balances the dark aspects and the lighter side with humor that doesn't pull you out of the moment. There are 2 characters that deliver the chuckles, Jesus, another of the 3 orphans who's the "Lunk" type who appreciates the cerveza's....think of Jackie Chan's Drunken Master movie.
Then there's Brister, a DEA agent sent to San Simon, the shit that comes outta this guys mouth had me rolling! The best way to describe Brister is Dave Chappelle's personality in Michael Clarke Duncan's body.
One of the things I appreciated most about the show was the fact that almost every character was more than one dimensional! Almost no one is who they initially appear to be!
The animation Studio is the same that is doing the Castlevania Netflix series, Powerhouse Studio's, I really like the style, they excel in the blood and gore and horrific aesthetic....if you're into that.
It's eight episodes long and the series concludes with a clear open end for season 2!

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Netflix Sturgill Simpson Presents Sound and Fury

I've never listened to Sturgill Simpson, but this "AMV" has piqued my interest!
So I was looking for something to watch last night on Netflix and this popped up, and it instantly grabbed my attention with it's post apocalyptic Americana,  Mad Max imagery and the soundtrack that fit perfectly.
Yes there's a political message in here but I'm just so tired of all the politics and agenda's and bullshit I simply watched S&F for the entertainment factor and it delivers.
So if you're looking for something that will please your optics and audio receptors check out Sturgill Simpson presents Sound and Fury.

Friday, September 13, 2019

TGS 2019 Capcom's commitment to E-Sports Presentation

No new info regarding SFV but the President reiterates their commitment to e-sports and SFV to be involved in the Intel World Open .
I'm curious how this "commitment" will affect the Street Fighter Franchise as SFV's life span is nearing the end of it's plan. Season 4 will be concluding December 15th at Capcom cup and 2020 will, what many believe be SFV's final season. So should we expect Capcom to reveal SFVI at the conclusion of the Intel World Tour July 24th 2020? It seems like a no brainer to me, everyone will be tuning in for the opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympics in about fantastic exposure!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

TGS 2019 Castlevania Grimoire of Souls Trailer

I'm still playing Castlevania Anniversary Collection and have yet to play Bloodstained: RotN, and looking forward to hearing some news regarding Netflix 3rd season of their Castlevania animated series! Now Konami drops the trailer for CastleVania: Grimoire of Souls which looks really impressive and has some rather unique multiplayer game play modes...but the game is only for mobile devices!!!!

TGS 2019 Death Stranding Trailer and Gameplay Video

Death Stranding is only 58 days away and despite all the gorgeous trailers and deep dives into the rabbit hole I'm starting to wonder if what we see is what we're getting. On face value the game looks like a 21st century hiking simulator.
So graphics are a 10, it looks like some of the MGSV assets were reused when they showed Sam fighting some NPC's, the story still has me scratching my head. The level of detail as great as it is might become tedious for a game that has you traveling across America to "connect" the people.
I have to believe Kojima will not disappoint when it comes to the story, but as of right now all I can say is the game looks spectacular.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

TGS 2019 FFVII Remake Trailer

3/3/2020 can't come soon enough!
This game is looking so gorgeous! I cannot believe it's been 23 years since Final Fantasy VII originally launched on the PS1! God I feel old!! I remember skimming thru EGM to check out the screen shots of FFVII at the Software Ect in Cross County and feeling the same hype I'm feeling now after seeing this trailer.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Your boy Kylo finally reacts to the D23 "special look" at TRoS

Kylo returns to share his very enlightened  outlook on the final chapter of the Sequel Trilogy and his obvious lightsaber envy O.o!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

More than two decades after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Sarah Connor sets out to protect a young woman named Dani Ramos and her friends, as a liquid metal Terminator, sent from the future, attempts to terminate them.


Release Date:

1 November 2019 

Monday, August 26, 2019

Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker D23 "trailer"

I bet when 2/3 of the Titanic was already submerged the crew got frantic and just started coming up with all kinds of cockamamie idea's...we can see this in the D23 "trailer" for TRoS...
First off literally 56 seconds of this "trailer" is nothing but a reminder of better times....before Disney. Thanks for the trip down nostalgia lane but I thought you wanted us to "let the past die, kill it if we have to". And how did you respond to criticism of TLJ from fans like myself???

And the rest is just....cockamamie

Are we supposed to believe C-3PX is gonna be in RotS, or is this confirmation of the recent plot leak the C-3PO mistakenly uploads the memory unit of an old combat droid. It wasn't funny in AotC, it certainly won't be funny now.

Image result for attack of the clones c 3po attack droid

So Rey is a Sith Temple Guard?? Nice connection to Rebels, but futile. the writers of BVS pale in comparison to Dave Filoni, the prodigal son of the Maker!

There's a difference between thematic juxtaposition for story telling purpose and control C, control V. I don't think Jar Jar realizes this!
I fear this trilogy was rushed out with out a clear story planned, character development planned out and has not connected to kids my son's age. The ST has created a rift in the fandom as far apart in opinion as the Jedi and Sith philosophies and only a master who knows all the aspects of the force can reunite the fandom! Clearly the person IS NOT Kathleen Kennedy!
I propose a vote of no confidence in Kathleen Kennedy, and propose Dave Filoni be considered as the new Chancelor of Lucasfilm!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Mandalorian | Official Trailer

Bounty hunting is a complicated profession.

After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in the Star Wars universe. “The Mandalorian” is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. We follow the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic.


The Mandalorian, an original Star Wars series, starts streaming November 12, only on #DisneyPlus.