Friday, November 20, 2009

S-kill on Xplay talking up SSFIV

Seth Killian on X Play talking up Super Street Fighter IV, Juri Vs DeeJay on the new India stage!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Super Street Fighter IV New Modes Trailer

Capcom releases a new trailer that shows off all the new modes!

-Much anticipated Team Battle gets implemented. You can choose the rule (2 on 2 to 4 to 4) yourselves.

-When you select this mode in Request Mode and enter Arcade, you don't have to wait again in the Lobby for your partners to come, as they will already have selected READY, so no waiting. No waiting time.

-You can find a random partner, but also invite a friend for a team.

-Lobbies, you can gather peeps to watch fights together, night after night.

-'When you get tired and want to watch tv, don't touch the remote just yet!', because you can watch replays instead.

-In SFIV you had to click on each and every replay you want to watch, now you can watch a bunch of them with one button based on categories.

-No limit on replay saves (those that you watch on the Channel at least). Prolly. (their words in red) (Whether you can save all fights you want is still unanswered, but god I so hope so)

-Testing Team is busy day and night.

-Work in development, so everything can still get changed!