Thursday, January 30, 2003

Game Review: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

After playing my friend CJ's copy of GTAIII I knew I wanted to get GTA Vice City! GTAIII's open world was amazing, escaping the fuzz using the L, Chatterbox radio with Lazlo! Ahh fun times not to mention all the killing and trying to get 6 star wanted and surviving as long as possible!
GTA Vice City takes te same game engine from GTAIII and amps up just about every aspect, more cars bigger map, celebrity voice actors: Ray Liotta, Tom Sizemore, Burt Reynolds, Dennis Hopper and Jenna Jameson , More "real" music like Twisted SisterMötley Crüe, Quiet Riot, The Cult, Ozzy Osbourne Iron Maiden, Michael Jackson,Laura Brannigan, Wang Chung, INXS, Bryan Addams, The Fixx and so much more!
 And Lazlo is back on V-Rock baby!,
Vice city adds the ability to buy properties or "assets" which unlock addition missions and help build your wealth in Vice City. Vice city also offers plenty of "side missions" taxi driver returns, also there's firefighter, ambulance and police side missions too.
This game is from start to finish a huge homage to the 80's culture, the clubs, the music, the movies and TV.
The game's story feels like your playing a Miami Vice-Scarface-tini...and it's delicious!
GTAIII was revolutionary for gaming! As for Vice City.....wish you were here ;)  


Game Review: War of the Monsters

The folks at Incog Inc (formerly Single Trac) have brought us another gem that reminds us why we fell in love with Twisted Metal 1 & 2 on the PS1. When you were a young boy you'd take that Tonka truck and smash it up with the police car in the for kids and adults alike. It's also common practice for young boys to pit spiderman against Megatron or Godzilla vs a storm trooper. Again fun for for adults.
War of the monsters seeps with Sunday afternoon monster B-movie goodness, everything from the main menu being projected on a drive in screen to the options menu found in the concession stand and saves are in movie reel tins in a cardboard box. The over dramatic soundtrack totally fits with the theme of giant monsters battling it out all over the earth.
The game offers plenty of variety with regard to character selection, Togera (Godzilla), Congar (King Kong), Ultra V (Jet Jaguar), Robo 47 (Robby the robot), Raptros (King Ghidoraish), Preytor (giant preying mantis), Agamo, Magmo, Kineticlops (an eyeball with a body made of electricity), and Zorgulon (Mars attacks).
Each monster has two unique special attacks one close range on long range.
The game plays similar to Twisted Metal in that you choose your monster and fighter other monsters around the world like Atomic Island, Rosdale Canyon, Tsunopolis, Century Airfield, a Volcano, on board Zorgulon's UFO and the Capitol.
Each stage is highly interactive buildings can be scaled, knocked over blown up, all the citizens running around crunch when stepped on, any cars, trucks or planes can be picked up and thrown, but the best projectile is found in the debris of destruction! Some debris can impale your foe and opens the opportunity to cause additional damage.
After you beat the game and use the points you've acquired you can unlock mini games like dodge ball, free-for-all, and endurance. There's also new costumes, monsters, and stages to unlock. The game is even more fun when played with friends, the VS game is split screen until you and your friend are in close proximity, then the split screen becomes one screen.
War of the Monsters is a great game that's totally fun for over the top destruction and monster madness!