Monday, March 25, 2013

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remaster trailer.

Most people including myself became fans of the Final Fantasy franchise with FFVII, but for me FFX was the one that solidified my fandome. In my opinion what FFVII did for the PS1, FFX did for the PS2, it was a dramatic change from the traditional FF RPG in many ways, visually, audibly, character design but the beauty of the game is undeniable and the characters were so well developed  that the bittersweet ending was one of the most emotional in my history of playing video games!
Final Fantasy X Review
Around a year ago with the drama of the announcement that FF versus XIII was most likely "cancelled" there were articles talking about FFX HD remake. Yesterday at PaxEast the trailer for FFX/X-2 HD remaster was shown! How am I suppose to play all these amazing PS3 games when Sony keeps pulling me back to the PS2 with all these fantastic HD remakes like Okami which I'm currently playing.
The game itself is a must own but this HD remaster will actually be the International version and will also come with FFX-2 which I never played and trophies!
So this is a nice treat from Square Enix but I still want my FF versusXIII!