Monday, March 4, 2013

The Walking Dead S3E12 Clear recap

Governors' to the left of me, Morgans' to the right
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you....
This episode was a welcome change of scenery....there's alot going on in the "side quest" to King County, first and foremost how many times have I thought to myself "I wonder how Morgan and his Son are doing?' Well we finally find out and I'm sorry to say Morgan is the Captain of the crazy train....not Rick, although Rick is close...
The scenes between Rick and Morgan were sad...sad to see how much of their humanity has been lost to the shit fest the world has become.
RIP Lori and Duane
After finding out how Morgan has arrived at his current state I wondered if I would want to clear or just punch out...
"The meek shall inherit the earth", when Morgan said that to Rick, I was like, "Dayum, Morgan's gone!"
The field trip Carl and Michonne take in King county proved Carl isn't  or hasn't become the cold hearted killer I thought he was becoming.....yet. It was great to see a lighter side of Michonne also!
The episode might have seemed like a "side quest" but there was some fantastic character development, and it was good to find out happened to Morgan, cudo's to the actor Lennie James...for a completely believable performance.
I think we've seen the last of mentally unstable Rick, I hope!

And next Sundays sneak peak for Arrow on the Doorpost totally looks like a map from Call of Duty MW2!
So henceforth the episode shall be called Call of Duty Zombie Warfare: Fire Team Daryl! (c)