Sunday, March 24, 2013

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters S3E53 Darkmount NV recap

Season 3 picks up right where season 2 ended, with team Prime scattered across the earth and Optimus FUBAR in the rubble of the Autobot base. The highlight of the episode was Shockwave walking thru the space bridge like a boss at the end of the episode! The part with Smokescreen snagging the phase shifter "during the chaos on Cybertron and jumping back thru the bridge after abandoning the base on earth seemed a tad shoe horned for my liking but they needed a way to move Prime before the cons found him.
So all Bumblebee needed to do was get a paint job and the cons can't spot him? Really? No tracking of energon emissions??
Miko and Bulk checking out the scenery in the Rockies....ok we get it don't use your cell phones to contact your friends or the cons might find us!
Then we have Arcee and Jack, Jack should know better but what does he do? He texts mom and BAM Soundwave finds him faster than AT&T LTE....what I gotta question is if they were able to pinpoint Jacks cell so precisely why couldn't lazerbeak hack the phone and get all his contacts and then pinpoint them via jacks cell? Just curious...
Oh and Megs conversation with agent Fowler was brilliant! Basically G1 Megs with a much more mature/sinister tone.
Good start to the season!
If you don't have the Hub available via your provider and really wanna see the episode now and not wait for Netflix.....the entire episode is on YT....for now.