Monday, March 11, 2013

The Walking Dead S3 E13 Arrow on the Door Post recap

Season 3 has successfully transitioned the fear of the undead over to the fear of the living. We've seen Carl loose his childhood in the most terrible way, the mental anguish Rick is struggling with over the lose of his wife, and the way others like Morgan and the Governor have dealt with their losses.
For anyone watching this show for the first time they'd have to wonder where da zombies at?
So we have two leaders meeting to attempt to settle their groups differences...on the surface it seems civil but as we know the Governor is a devil in sheep's clothing and if you didn't the conversation between him and Milton back at Woodbury proves it!
Once again Daryl MF'ing Dixon shows his badassness in a walker killing competition against Martinez!

And I'm sorry but Milton creeps me the F out! Who asks an amputee if they can see their stump!?
Hershel handled it alot better than I would've! If I were Hershel I would've shoved my crutch so far up his ass...
I'm glad Rick realizes the Governor is NOT a man of his word and warns the Ricktatorship that they're going to war! 
I also think Andrea is gonna start politicking the citizens of Woodbury to open their eyes to the monster the Governor truly is. 
CJ's right, Rick's group might be out numbered but Rick's group are all 100% badasses all hardened by the world, where as The Governor's has a few troopers but the majority are asthmatics and elderly people.
This episode was the quiet before the storm...shit's about to get real yo!

And what the F is up with this chair!??