Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Okami HD

I've been enjoying my return to Nippon in Okami HD, and am just about ready to board the Ark of Yamato! I simply need complete the 3rd and final devil gate trial in Kamui, collect the last 2 beads....one from the above mentioned devil gate and the other from behind the Blockhead  in Kamui, I need 3 more fish to complete my fish tome...1 loach, 1 Giant Catfish and 1 Oarfish, I need 2 statues the Dragon and Horse and then I'll be ready to face Yami and claim the platinum trophy!
Again if you've never played Okami I highly recomend picking up this gem on the PSN!

Not sure? Check out my Okami Review  from when I originally played the game.