Sunday, March 21, 2004

The Night Fire

Today Tryptifaeris started his day by making a special macro greeting for Krogenar. Then I headed out again in search of exp. I ran past a few river crabs grrrrrrrr then off in the distance I spotted a curious little creature, a walking sapling aww how cute....NOW DIE!!! I attacked this little walking turnip in a frenzied fury of elvaan rage. After beating the crap out of that poor sap-ling I went back into Bastok to meet up with Krogenar, we finally met near the drawbridge and I waved at him and greeted him with a warm hello, then we were off to kill little deadly creatures....Krogenar barreled through some beasties that I would've had problems with and I healed him when necessary and offered back up, we both leveled up last night and collected a bunch of crap like seeds, bat wings, flint for making a camp fire!
.Well it was getting late and I bid Krog farewell and headed back into Bastok, I created a few more macros and sold some bat winds and seeds and layed down on the cold hard floor of my Mog House.