Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The Gustaberg Tour

On my 5th day in Vana Diel I was exploring Bastok some more, I went into the Bastok Metalworks, the Smithing guild, President Karst's office, the shrine of Altana and Professor Cid's Lab are all located in this district. During my travels I spoke to to a female NPC who was thinking of starting up a touring company. The prerequisites to doing this quest were you had to be level 5 or below and you needed a party of 5, then we had to trek outside the city to meet The NPC's business partner. My friend Krogenar was nowhere to be seen so I went to Firewater Circle and /sh "Anyone level 5 or below looking to do the Gustaberg Tour quest meet at the Firewater circle, I need 4 people" I sat down not expecting to get a response but I did! Like almost immediately 3 people showed up, we talked a bit and formed a party. We were all strangers and had only been playing for a few days, one guy DarchAngel (sp?) offered to lead the way (I was fine with that...I knew the way but why risk getting a group of people lost) and I told the others how to auto follow ( thanks Krog). On the way we talked and it was very kewl how a group of strangers came together to help one another! Well we got to our destination, at the edge of the Drachenfall, hundreds of feet below I spotted a ravine that was carved through North Gustaberg. We talked to the Galka tour guide and recieved 500 gill then 4 outta 5 of us headed back to Bastok, when we returned we said our goodbye's and disbanded. It was such a kewl feeling teaming up with 4 other people to accomplish a quest! Well I took my 500 + gill and bought a couple things including and much more powerful club. (White Mages are scarce in Bastok and so is their item wonder there are so many warriors and monks here).After roaming around Bastok a little more I decided to field test my new weapon....going from an average of 3 points dmg to 11 is a great I can take on more than just hornets, worms, and walking turnips ^^.