Thursday, April 1, 2004

Oh Kopernikuz, where art thou?

Last night I found our buddy Kopernikuz sitting under a tree near Firewater circle, in the center of Bastok Markets. Neither of us had any plans so we headed out to North Gustaberg, I let him go off and kill stuff while I watched in case he needed to be healed. Kope whooped a few worms and hammered some hornets so I figured I give him crabs . He got rid of those crabs pretty started getting dark out so we headed over to a campfire and waited for some Quadavs (think gamera w/ a sword) well Kope was a bit unsure if he could do it, but in the end he conquered his fears and attacked the Quadav and with a little healing on my part was triumphant! Afterwards we sat around the fire and bs'd for awhile.....and here's what is so kewl about this game....some guy walks by and says hello and asks if he can join us. So now the three of us just sat around the fire and talked while the occasional Quadav spawned right next us. One time Kope and I were just not paying attention and one was spawned right over kope and I was like "OMG! KOPE LOOK OUT!!!" I sprung to my feet while he pondered if "Mel Brooks lived in Vana Diel" and I decimated it in like 2 hits. Then some female hume or Mithra, Quinchesta joined our campfire. At around 3am Vana Diel time Krog comes online and meets us at the campfire we pack up our stuff say goodbye to our friends, and head to Zegham Hill to help Kope reach level 5.....After a couple more worms and hornets I felt it was time for Kope to get his hands dirty and tackle an ornery sheep so Kope attacks, things don't go well and Kope disengages and Krog finishes it off. Well after that chaos Kope kills something else and reaches level 5!! "YAY" exclaims the mighty Kopernikuz, with a bright new outlook on life Kope attacks another ornery sheep and this sheep was pissed! Kope was losing health faster than I could heal him! Next thing I know Kope is running for the hills and the blasted beast is hitting him from a distance! I watch horrified as Kope runs frantically around trying to escape from this pissed off sheep but alas Kope falls and drops down to level 4 again. Krog and I go to our fallen comrades corpse and kneel respectably, then I get the brilliant idea to take a pic of us standing over Kope's body but just as I'm about to snap the pic his body fades away into thin air...."Oh dang! His body just decomposed!" I exclaim. Well after paying our last respects Krog and I headed back into Bastok to shop!
Stay tuned for our next exciting episode....