Thursday, April 22, 2004

Gone with the Wind

After running around Bastok completing quests like finding stamps for some brats, modeling some subligar for another NPC, Tryptifaeris heads to Konschat Highlands, by foot it's a bit of a trek, at this point I'm getting tired of having to hike all over I can not wait till I reach level 20 so I can get my chocobo license.
When I entered the Konschat Highlands I noticed the terrain took a dramatic change from Gustaberg's barren wasteland. The ground is covered with grass and there is plantlife that resembles asparagas, I have been cautious traveling into the northern parts of this area, there are Goblin Butchers and Ambushers that roam around, Mad Sheep and wasps. As I explored assisted some Big Galka warrior getting his arse handed to him by a goblin butcher I had to use cure II a few times on this guy and he still couldn't beat it, fortunately another white mage came along because I ran out of MP healing this guy! Well after many healings this big Galka finally won. The Konschat Highlands, were eerily quiet all I could hear was the creaking windmills masked by the fog and mist, down in the valley I spotted a campfire but I didn't risk wandering out in the open, visiblity is very poor...and I don't want to run into any goblin butchers or ambushers or worse. I killed a few of goblin weavers and thugs, to build up my TP meter, then I tackled a mad sheep, those suckers are tough! I defeated one, rested up, then attacked a second one grazing nearby, this battle didn't go as well It hit me hard and fast before I realized I couldn't see it! Well it was a struggle to keep my HP up during the barrage of attacks, then, to my dismay I spotted a goblin ambusher come up over the nearest hill and run right towards me ....I was doomed, shortly afterwards I was dead and back in Bastok. But there was a silver lining to my death, Krog mailed me a much needed bone chip that I traded with some old guy in town for a map of the Dangruf Wadi swaplands.