Tuesday, April 20, 2004

A Bridge too Far

After 1 month in Vana Diel Tryptifaeris had reached level 12 as a white mage and had ventured as far north as Konschat, Krogenar the galka monk was a level or two ahead of me and Kopernikuz the hume theif at level 7. Our friends from the north were progressing much faster, and were able to navigate from San d' Oria, across Ronafaure, La Thiene Plataeu, Valkurm Dunes, Konschat Highlands to North Gustaberg where we met them at the Drachenfall bridge.

We finally got our Linkshell pearls from Outlaw and now we could communicate with the rest of the Kontract LS.
While the new adventures were out exploring, questing, and PTing outside, within Bastok the Vana Diel Spring Doll Festival is going on. Moogles are giving lettered eggs to adventurers and they in turn are trading them, trying to collect certain letters to spell things, such as their name or a combination of letters. Also the moogles were giving out special ricecakes that if eaten had a rather odd effect...