Friday, April 30, 2004

Kontract Beach Party

Great events took place on April 29th 2004 in the world of Vana Diel, the Kontract Killers linkshell had one of it's most excellent adventures! I'll get back to that in a moment, the evening began as I headed back to the Konschat Highlands again do do a little XPing.

So now I'm soloing in the Highlands and Kope starts asking about the sirens tear, next thing I know Kope's streaking thru N. Gustaberg . Then Outlaw meets me at Konschat on his well groomed yellow Chocobo and we begin to duo!

Soon Krogenar and Swizz log on we make plans to meet in the Konschat Highlands, Krog offers to escort Kope from Bastok and Swizz tells us he'll be coming from San d' Oria. Things were looking good soon we'd form an unstoppable desctructive force the likes that Vana Diel has never seen....but fate frowned upon Kope this day, Krog was unable to protect Kope from a Mist Lizard and soon Outlaw and I were headed to the crime scene.

On the way we meet up with Reigen and we all sat around Kope's mostly dead corpse, but thru the gloom, a ray of hope shone bright as a Bastok morning, Stealthwarrior said he could raise Kope from the mostly dead! Well time was ticking and Kope didn't have much time left....Gaia was calling! We tried to recesitate him, I poked him and Law sat on his face but things were looking grim. We killed all sorts of beasties around Kope to keep him focused and not slip into the abyss.....We became desperate and began yelling for help, but the nearest white mage took a wrong turn and alas mighty Kopernikus decomposed before our eyes We all morned Kope's passing, then headed out to the Crag of Dem...After a few minutes Krog, Reigen, Swizz, Law and myself formed a party and headed off to the Valkrum Dunes. Along the way we slaughtered some sheep and some of the tougher Gobs. I would "pull" them by casting Dia which lowers their defense and deals slight elemental damage, the creature then runs to us and Law, Krog, and Swizz attack it while Reigen and I heal the party from a safe distance. We were mowing thru the creatures on our way to Valkrum and I felt comfortable enough to begin pulling creatures without having to announce it each time. Off in the distance I spotted another mad sheep so I cast Dia and the small lump of fluffy wool came charging at us, but it was no sheep! Suddenly this monsterously HUGE Tremor Ram came thundering over a hil! The first thing I saw after it's first attack was everyone's HP go orange (not good) and after the second attack Law was down and the rest of the party was in dire straights, it looked like we were doomed, Reigen and I were healing as fast as we could, then the tide of the battle began to turn in our favor. Krog unleashed his hundred fists weapon skill, Law had the foresight to use his reraise scroll earlier so he came back from the mostly dead, and Reigen and I were keeping Swizz and the gang at healthy HP levels. The battle ended and after the dust settled Kontract stood victorious! Battered and bruised we rested awhile then headed off to the Valkrum Dunes, upon arriving at the dunes we reorganized and nominated Krog as the "puller" and law and swizz would wait with me and Reigen as healers in the back....Krog did a fabulous job of communicating and brought us not one but two sand lizards! We handled it fairly well and decided to move further into the dunes under Laws lead. OutLaw lead us across the white sand beaches of the goblin infested oasis, law spotted a lone goblin and announced to us he'd pull the gob, but this wasn't your average goblin! It must of spotted Law and cast bind on him, so now we are forced to protect Law as this Goblin advances on him. I stayed back and watched as Swizz, Krog, and Reigen had their rears handed to them! This Goblin must have been on crack cause he wasn't taking much damage from all 3 of them combined! So Law yelled RUN! and that's what we all did.....but in 5 different directions . I wound up on some beach infested with gobs and dragon flies with no one from the party to be seen. After running around like a chicken without it's head with angry gobs in hot pursuit I managed to find the rest of the party at the Valkurm Dunes outpost. Law suggested we travel back to San d' Oria with him, Reigen and Swizz, so Krogenar and I followed them through Lathiene Plataeu and Ronafaure to San Doria. Once there we disbanded, I decided to explore this new city, I found the Chocobo Stables and got a rent-a-mog house and fell sound asleep.