Monday, October 13, 2014

The Walking Dead S5E No Sanctuary

First off check this shit out!
yelp terminus atlanta
"Great ribs! The staff is a little moody and the boxcar dining room ambiance leaves little to be desired. All in all it's a great sanctuary with a community feel, makes it hard to leave."
Fantastic episode! Holy crap Glenn once again escapes death by mere seconds. That scene was brutal not only because of the violent nature of it but because of how nonchalantly the two guys were while doing it...just another day on the farm so to speak.
Stop and think about Carol from season 1...washing clothes down near the quarry. Well that feeble little lady is gone, Carol just saved the entire Ricktatorship! She was Lara Croft, Ellen Ripley, Starbuck and Salt, all wrapped up in one!
Carol would make a fantastic Sith, "do not hesitate, do what must be done, show no mercy".
Still suffering from the "good guy syndrome", as Martin puts it, Tyresse is left to watch him and Judith while Carol embarks on a solo search and rescue mission. I loved the tactic she used to infiltrate Terminus, we haven't seen that since season one.
The trough scene had me on the edge of my couch and once the propane tank blew and shit got real I caught myself actually cheering Rick, Daryl and the rest of the crew on as they fought their way outta Terminus. The scene where they pass through the "meat locker" reminded me a similar scene in The Last of Us which brings back to the Yelp review up top.
Another fantastic scene was Carol Vs Terminus Mary,
I was so glad to see Tyresse shed his teddy bear fur and beat the life outta Martin after he threatened baby ass kickers life!
Seeing the group reunited and unscathed was a relief. I have to admit I was surprised at the brevity we were at Terminus, but I suppose if we had spent most of the season there the show would begin to feel a little formulaic.
I do think the group should have gone back and finished off Gareth and any other Termites that may have survived...I think we'll be seeing him again.
Speaking of characters returning, OMG Morgan is back again! Was he really going to Terminus or was he tracking someone else?

Season 5 started off strong, I hope this pace continues but I have a feeling we're gonna get a new moral compas to fill the void left by hershell in the form of Father Gabriel.
I wonder how Shane would feel about the Rick we've seen in the last two episodes? How would Dale and Hershel feel about Rick's behavior??