Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Walking Dead S5E3 Four Walls and a Roof

Who didn't see that coming?
I was never a big fan of Bobby Stookey, his character never seemed useful to the group. What exactly did he do? As a former Army medic you'd think he'd have been more useful than he ended up being.
Oh well good riddance...

This season has now zigged twice when I thought it was going to zag, first the brevity of the time spent at Terminus and second the length of time Gareth was a threat to Rick and the gang.
Remember how Rick killed Tomas in season 3 as they were trying to clear the prison? Sunday's massacre was pretty much the same, it was the location that made the scene controversial.
Hey Rick....Shane approves of your actions.....
I have a feeling we're gonna see Rick and the group find themselves in a very similar situation as Gareth and the Termites by season's regards to food.
So Glenn, Maggie and Tara join Abraham, Rosita and Eugene on the greatest road trip of all time and leave Rick with Michonne, Carl, Tyresse, Sasha and Father Gabe....not exactly a fair trade. If Father Gabe had viles of Holy Water that set Walkers aflame like in the CastleVania games that would be a different story but as it stands Father Gabes' stats are:
STR: 3
DEX: 1
CHR: 0
HTH: The Power of Christ!

Thankfully Daryl returns to the group with a mystery person! Well it's most likely not Carol or Beth, maybe Morgan or maybe someone else from season 1....the Morales Family.
I'm looking forward to next weeks episode, I need to know if Beth's yellow polo shirt is safe!