Friday, October 17, 2014

Ghost in the Shell: Live Action Movie aka The Stand Alone Failure

If you read my blog you know my feeling about live action adaptations of anime and video games, if you don't I'll summarize....THEY'RE POINTLESS!!!! And nine out of ten times suck because unlike Street Fighter Assassins Fist, the writers/directors aren't fans of the work being adapted. They might only have the most general knowledge of the source material!
I enjoy anime, I've been watching it since the early 80's, and when I saw Ghost in the Shell back in 95 it was groundbreaking, not only was the visuals impressive the story and characters were  fascinating, in 2002 we got the 26 episode series  Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex that expanded the story of Major Kusanagi, Batau, Aramaki, and the rest of Section 9, the in 04/05 we got GitS2: Innocence and the second 26 episode series GitS: S.A.C 2nd Gig which revolved around the Individual 11 and the events that led section 9 being disbanded and Motoko leaving the group. 
In 2006 The 3rd GitS anime movie came out with GitS: S.A.C Solid State Society where the group formerly known as section 9 investigate a case involving a cyberbrain virus, children being abducted, and the noble rot Medicare system for the elderly and the puppeteer-a mysterious wizard class hacker.
Just this year almost 20years after the original movie we got the 4 episode OVA GitS: ARISE which introduces us to Motoko Kusanagi prior to the formation of Section 9.
So last month I read that Margo Robbie (Wolf of Wallstreet) was attached to the GitS live action movie...I instantly figured she'd be the shell that project 2501 dives into....
Then last night I read that Scarlett Johansen has been pinged to play Makoto Kusanagi.....
Both Scarjo and Margo Robbie are great actresses and Scarjo has more than proved she is ready and able to be the alpha female action actress...I think she could be the right choice for the role. I just don't see the necessity in making this movie, those that are fans will most likely be let down and those who don't know GitS will probly say this movie is a rip off of The Matix and the fans will all face palm...
Only time will tell, but I have little hope this movie will be as good as the source material of the same genre!