Saturday, October 4, 2014

Star Wars: Rebels S1E1 The Spark of Rebellion: Thoughts and Impressions

With Star Wars Episode VII a little over a year away, this new animated show arrives at a perfect time to bigin the hype train. As far as chronology goes I'd place Rebels around 10-15 BBY. I enjoyed the first episode, The Spark of Rebellion,  the crew of the Ghost feel right at home, Ezra the street smart thief totally reminded me of Aladdin....(Prince Abubu), Kanan the leader of this rag tag group of rebels who just happens to be a Jedi that survived order 66...but we'll keep that on the DL, he seems a bit like a certain scruffy looking nerf herder who's gonna attempt to show Ezra the ways of the force, then there's the owner/operator of the Ghost, Hera, a Twi'lek...I think her and Kanan have a relationship that goes beyond plutonic...tsk tsk that's certainly frowned upon by Kanan's former organisation.
Then there's Sabine the teenage Witch  Mandalor...she's a big fan of Jackson Pollack and Michael Bay...

Zeb is the muscle of the group kinda like Chewie was for Han, Zeb and Chewie actually have more in common than many may realize...

Next is Chopper the astromech, who is also designed around early McQuarrie designs for R2D2. He came across as indifferent to the drama going on around the Ghost.
Speaking of Chops, in SoR we are introduced to Agent Kallus a member of the Imperial Security Bureau....he's a dick, and if his actions couldn't clue you in, just look at this jerk's facial hair!

I really liked the design of the Ghost, not only does it resemble the Millenium Falcon, it also reminds me of the Narcissus...another favorite Sci Fi franchise of mine.
 I enjoyed the pilot episode, it felt much more like the OT than the PT, Rebels shall remain on my DVR! I wonder if any of these characters will transition into episode VII? I think there's a chance an older Kanan could be worked into the ST.
If you have young Padawans that haven't seen Star Wars yet (like my son) this appears to be a good introduction to that Galaxy far far away...
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