Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gotham Pilot Episode My Thoughts and Feelings

Atomic batteries to power...turbines to speed....
As far as pilots go this one was pretty good, everyone knows the story of how Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered, but we don't really know much of Bruce Wayne's life the years directly after the loss of his parents. What is the state of Gotham at this time? Where are the nefarious members of The United Underground??
Part of the fun watching the Gotham pilot for me was identifying all the villains from  Batman lore.
Lets see if I missed any...
Cat woman (Selina Kyle) played by Camren Bicondova
Riddler (Edward Nygma) played by  Cory Michael Smith
Poison Ivy (Ivy Pepper) played by Clare Foley
The Penguin (Oswald Copperpot) played by Robin Lord Taylor

Possibly The Joker at Fish Mooney's club...aspiring comedian
Possibly Bane in the GCPD precinct...pill dude
I didn't notice Dr. Johnathan Crane, Victor Fries or Ra's Al Ghul.
But that's fine, all in due time, Gotham has enough problems to begin with!
Jada Pinkette Smith was incredible as Fish Mooney, she seemed to revel in the role of a mob boss under Carmine Falcone, I was equally impressed by Robin Lord Taylor's Oswald Copperpot, Fish's aspiring underling.
Another strong performance came from Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, a GCPD detective who gets partnered with James Gordon...he's aged a bit from the first Blade movie but he can still kick ass.
I thought the GCPD precinct set was well designed, and the look of Gotham was a good amalgamation of NYC and a medieval village. The little CG additions really help enhance your immersion in the city the show is named after.
There were a few Easter eggs I spotted, the first was very early on ( I wish I hadn't deleted the episode off the DVR) Selina Kyle slides off the awning and behind here there's an sign in fake Chinese characters that actually spells BATMAN, and then there's the crime scene....when I first saw this scene it didn't register, but after looking at the pic online I noticed it!

Do you see it?????
...flip the pic upside down

Gotham has potential, I hope the show explores the economic state of Gotham, show the hardships of the poor and the frustrations of the rich and the divide between them and explore the correlation between poverty and crime and and wealth and crime, the factors that drive people to commit crime and the truly evil people who feed on these petty criminals. 
I hope the show stay true to it's vision and doesn't degenerate into something campy like the Adam West Batman series.
Also don't use the go pro camera in close up chase scenes ever again!
If you enjoyed Gotham definately check out Batman Year One!