Friday, September 12, 2014

Star Wars Episode VII: Rumor Round Up, my feelings and theories thus far...

So last year, before any rumors dropped, before any casting had been announced, before Harrison Ford was accosted by his own ship I wrote up my own Star Wars Episode VII Speculation / Theory . I've been keeping up with the updates and speculation/rumors that have hit the interwebs and the latest rumors of Luke missing for 30 years and Han's son turning to the dark side sound an awful lot like what I wrote last year!
Most of the crap I've read is cringe inducing....Cyborg Palpatine.... Han and Chewie commanding a Star Destroyer....Jedi Hunters

So my friend Javen pointed me to the latest cover of GQ and Adam Driver is sportin' some really familiar threads! I instantly thought of Han Solo!
Even if it wasn't intentional, the resemblance is definitively there.
LMAO there's also an article in that issue for Han...."How to be polite to a woman without pissing her off."
...."Yes your worshipfullness"

Oh and that pic of Mark Hamill rocking the beard was cool, I can totally imagine the scene I mentioned in my Star Wars Episode VII Speculation/Theory happening.  With the most recent rumors that Hann is searching for Luke who's been MIA for 10-30 years I began thinking, how long was Ben Kenobi stuck on Tatooine watching Luke from the shadows? And what happened to Ol' Ben Kenobi?

Also if the rumors are true that the galaxy is in a state of cold war, the children of Han and Leia (if they did get hitched)  may not have all the facts and as young people usually are, rebellious towards their parents and side with Empire....hmmm children of rebels, rebeling against their parents.....

And if Max Von Sydow isn't a Sith I'll be a Gungan's uncle!

Oh and then there's these set pics...I'm going with Yavin 4, alsoI got dibs on that sweet ass black X Wing!!