Thursday, September 11, 2014

TGS 2014

First off I love the TGS posters, every year I look forward to seeing what the design is gonna be.
This years TGS is from Sept 18th-21st and today Konami has jumped the gun and hosted a pre TGS conference and they've shown a new trailer for MGS V The Phantom Pain.
There are a few potential announcements I'm hoping for, most notably some news on Final Fantasy XV, KH 3 and FF Type 0!
Maybe we'll get some new info on Sony's VR Project Morpheus.
Hopefully we get some thing more from Bioware regarding the next Mass Effect than "we're working on a new Mass Effect game"..."It's gonna blow your mind!"...."we're thinking of all new stuff."
I hope Capcom has something to share regarding an actual next gen release for USFIV....yeah I would like that since I haven't been able to play since last February!

I wonder if any old PlayStation IP's will be rumor I read mentioned LoD.
What news are you anticipating from this years TGS?