Thursday, September 4, 2014

Movie Review: Don Jon

Ever heard of a romcom for men?
Well here ya go! JGL delivers the answer to the chick flick with Don Jon! This is 100% a dude flick!
Don Jon truly had me laughing out loud, Joseph Gordon Levitt's character is hilarious not only because of how he justifies his enjoyment of the adult film indu.....PORN but his overall portrayal of guidos. The wardrobe, the mannerisms, the accents....fuggedaboutit!  Seriously, growing up I knew guys just like Jon Martello, females just like Barbara Sugarman and Esther....I could even match these characters to specific people from my past.... Kevin, Patty, Michelle!
It's a simple honest movie that will have any guy laughing because of the ridiculous honesty that guys can relate to. Don't watch this with your girlfriend or wife...they will HATE it! Guy's, you'll enjoy this movie more watching it me!  And I don't think anyone under 25 is gonna appreciate the characters and circumstances simply because they haven't yet experienced it or are at that point in their life right now.
JGL and Scarjo give totally believable performances as your average Jersey/Queens/Yonkers Guido/Guidette and the scene where Barbara persuades Jon to go back to school is....ummm...very memorable.