Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Movie Review: You're Next

I don't know what I was expecting when I began watching this the other night but at least now I know what can be accomplished with a 1 million dollar budget. I always appreciate those small "indy" movies and video games that create something fresh, new, original and memorable with a small budget.
So I better write this review asap before I forget about it.
A family reunion brings a well off family together at their vacation house, the dysfunction kicks into high gear at the dinner table when obnoxiousness faces off with know-it-allness and eliteness. At this point I hated all of them except Crispian and his innocent girlfriend  Erin.
Once the killin' began I was enjoying the movie, crossbow bolts to the head! YES! Ax to the cranium....OK! Slit Throats...by piano wire...NICE! The masks were cool but somewhere this movie derailed and for me it was when we discover one of the brothers hired the masked killers simply to claim the inheritance...you hear that? That's my interest in the movie dropping dead on the floor.
So now that that's been revealed I started looking at this movie much more critically and it dawned on me....You're Next is Scream with animal masks!
Once Erin revealed her origins to Zee I was literally groaning and muttering really, how convenient.
Even the reveal at the end reminded me of Stu and Billy's reveal at the end of Scream.
As far as slasher flicks go You're Next starts strong but fizzles into mediocrity. If you want violence with a good reason for the violence watch Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.