Saturday, July 18, 2015

EVO 2015 Capcom Street Fighter V Panel

Check out the Street Fighter V panel at EVO 2015.
The direction Capcom is going with SFV is interesting to say the least!

  • 1 physical copy of Street Fighter V will ever be made
  • Additional characters will be added post launch on a regular basis
  • additional in game content (characters, outfits etc) avail via in game money (Zenny) or real life currency.
  • possibility of betting earned Zenny in matches
  • Street Fighter V is being planned as a generational title (10+ yrs)
  • Online integration of the Capcom Cup 
  • Strong Focus on character balance and functionality
  • Re iteration of learning how to play the game by playing the opponent with skill versus manipulating in game mechanics
  • Strong Focus on making the game fun and accessible for new players and deep enough for vets of the FGC.