Monday, July 6, 2015

Humans S1 E 02

Last nights episode was full of suspense as Anita clearly lied to Laura about taking Sophie out during the night....but how does Anita not realize she's lying? Also is Anita purposely messing with Laura? There's definitely more to Anita than meets the eye!
Then we have Leo and Max on the run, trying to reunite with the other Synths we saw him with in last weeks episode, desperate times call for desperate measures and Leo decides to go to a shady "after market" dealer and things go south as Leo gets beat with in an inch of his life and MAx has to drag his critical condition human bro around as they evade their pursuers. And then there's that scene in the public bathroom....did max just make a DIY defibrillator???
The highlight for me was the scene with Niska and the sicko client, the scene totally reminded me of the scene in Blade Runner with Zhora. But Deckard wasn't there to put her down.
I get the impression the group of synths are gonna reunite and the show is gonna mimic TWD as the group travels around looking for sanctuary while avoiding walkers humans.
If you've failed to set your DVR's to stun record, fear not you can catch the first two episodes HERE.
And enjoy a preview of next Sunday's episode!