Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Street Fighter V new stages revealed

Today Capcom posted further details regarding the Street Fighter V beta which begins July 25th and concludes July 30th.
Aside from the plans to release Cammy and Birdie 2 days in they also revealed a new stage, Forgotten Waterfall!

The stage is located in New Zealand ( the shire) and is the same location where Nash takes a swan dive at the end of SFA3.....
So I'm assuming this will be Nash's stage, I wonder who he'll be sharing it with?
So are there any clues in these pics? Perhaps, if memory serves me correctly didn't Gill fancy himself a type of Shepard leading a chosen few ( his flock) to a "promised land"?

And here is the SFV Brazil Stage!
The three "clues" I can spot here are the mountain top in the center has a golden trophy with a ball...maybe a soccer ball or maybe a basketball coughseancough, then all those watermelons....could be a clue for Sean or Blanka , the third possible clue is Ryu is looking up, at what or who? He could be looking up at Oro sleeping in his burlap sack..... 

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