Monday, July 20, 2015

Street Fighter V New Character Reveal Necalli

Last night during the USFIV Evo finals the newest character for Street Fighter V was revealed!
Enter Necalli (Aztec for Battle) :

First off I love Necalli's design! The tatoo's, his boots, the tattered garb totally add to his character. His brutal game play reminds me of SFIV's Evil Ryu, and when his V trigger is active his hair reminds me of Gill!
We still don't know if Street Fighter V will take place before or after Street Fighter III chronologically but I have a theory that it is before. So a few weeks back there was some discussion floating around on certain FGC sites regarding a brand new character, Eisbahn, that utilized ice elemental attacks, Last night Necalli is revealed and clearly has an affinity to fire.
My current theory is that if we do get a character with an affinity to ice these two characters are the precursors to Gill. Their DNA may be used to create Gill by the Illuminati!

Check out the amazing images of the Newest Fighter to the Street Fighter franchise below!

UPDATE: An eagle eyed member of Capcom Unity, Ultimate Boss,  spotted something fascinating in Necalli's trailer at the 00:35 mark...

On the right side of the stage there's an entrance to a room inside the mountain! See the cracked rectangular block under the statue???

And as previously mentioned where have we seen those statues before???

Gill's SFIII Second Impact stage!