Monday, October 19, 2015

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Trailer 2 Thoughts and Impressions

The trailer was....good, safe...the most interesting parts for me was seeing Rey spelunking the wreckage of the Star Destroyer and the quick shot of the tall red droid in front of a temple.
By far the most interesting aspect of the trailer was what wasn't shown....Luke Skywalker! 
All in all a good trailer but I didn't get the feels😒
For those who say I'm not a true fan I was born in 73 and saw Star Wars in the theater...before it was ANH.
I'm kinda pissed I wasn't able to get tix to see it at the Zeidfeld Theater in NYC, like I did for the PT. But I did get tix for me, my wife and my friends. 
59 days left!
So what did you think of the trailer?

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