Sunday, October 11, 2015

Movie Review: The Martian

When I saw the trailer for this movie and Matt Damon says " I'm going to science the shit outta this" I wrote this one off as another Ridley Scott sci fi movie with stupid fuckin scientists....yeah I'm looking at you Dr. Holloway! For some reason I also had a difficult time accepting Matt in this role...similarly to how I initially felt about Sandra Bullock in Gravity.......I was wrong in both instances.
The Martian was actually very entertaining if you don't go in with any preconceived notions of astronauts, botanists, or astro physics....not to say you'll be walking into something like Bayformers, but it'll help.
At first Mark Watney's monologue's seemed a bit contrived but over the course of the movie I grew used to it and these "conversations" seemed natural, like I was there with him and they brought leverage to a dire situation with his critique of Capt. Lewis's musical preferences....aside from it being an in joke, I have to agree, The Martian isn't gonna win any awards for best soundtrack.....but the soundtrack actually worked very well in the context of the situations in the movie.

Matt Damon did an amazing job in the role in my opinion and made Watney a much more relate-able character, he infused the character with personality which is a testament to not only Matt Damon but also Ridley Scott's casting prowess, just look at the cast of The Martian! Chiwetel Ijiofor, Kate Mara, Jeff Bridges, Michael Pena, Benedict Wong (Prometheus, Moon, Sunshine) and Sean Bean (Boromir)!
About half way thru there's a scene where a young astro physicist proposes a alternative to NASA's plan to expedite supplies to Watney code named..........wait for it.........project Elrond! It was a very funny scene and I suspect Sean Bean had a difficult time not saying

The movie is littered with funny scenes like this and is interlaced throughout so well the balance between the drama of a man stranded on Mars with only his intelligence and wits to survive and Watney coming to the conclusion that he is a Space Pirate works perfectly.
As I mentioned this was an enjoyable fun movie but there were a few glaring things that made me question the movie...
1. Would a Botonist know how to rewrite code for a rover? 
2. Would a Botonist know about Hexadecimal coding? 
3. Why was there speed tape in the decontamination chamber?
4. Even if the Hermes departed several months prematurely it still would only have been mission planned for only enough fuel for a round trip from Erf to Mars and back.....right?
5. So we have the technology to travel to the Mars, but we can't detect a Martian storm until it's within visual range....
6. What kind of magic batteries were in Watney's helmet cam??? 
7. Where's Wilson???
8. Is it THAT easy to walk into NASA and see the Chief Director and Administrator?

If I were Ridley I would've tried to get permission to show a frozen Clooney floating past the Hermes as they picked up the supply rocket during operation Elrond. But that's just me.

The Martian is a very enjoyable Sci Fi light movie from Capt. Sci Fi Ridley Scott, worth the price of admission! 

I will say this, I hate the one sheet for this movie. Can you imagine if the poster for BVS had a close up of Aflecks face in the Batman mask with the words I Am Batman.... the Novels cover art is better.