Thursday, October 29, 2015

Macross Delta Announcement trailer

So the Live Stream just concluded and trying to watch a region locked stream on an iPhone proved challenging but I saw most of it. They showed off the new Valks, the VF 31 and Sv 262!  From what I can gather this series takes place on colony planet on the frontier of the galaxy in AD 2067. There's something called the Var Syndrome which is consuming the Galaxy.
The legacy of Protoculture continues on this new colony world where the aerial knights of the wind live.
There's apparently two squadrons, the tactical sound squadron and the aeriel knights. The Squadron flying the Sv 262 Draken's might be Zentradi....the other Squadron are flying the VF-31's Yack Decultcha!

Like M:F There will be a "Deculture edition first episode" will air 2:00 pm JST December 31st !