Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Star Wars Rebels S2E3 The Lost Comanders

Season 2 starts off right where the first left off with the crew of the Ghost aboard Comander Sato's blockade runner in Hyperspace running from the Empire. The need for a remote location to set up a base of operations has Ahsoka point Kanan and his team to the Seelo system.
If you never watched The Clone Wars I'll give you the Quick and Dirty, Ahsoka Tano was Anakin's Padawan, she was a talented Padawan that showed great promise but was accused of a terrorist plot at the Jedi temple and treason she fled from a republic prison on Coruscant and was eventually caught. She was removed from the Jedi order and brought before a Republic Court to be tried. Anakin was the only Jedi that believed she was innocent and found the real traitor, another Padawan, Bariss Offee. Afterwards the Jedi counsel offered her re entrance to the order but she turned it down ( I would've also). She walked away from the Jedi Order as Anakin pleaded for her to reconsider.
Rex was a legendary Clone Commander who served the Republic with unwavering pride alongside Anakin, Obi Wan and Ahsoka Tano....I binge watched all 5 seasons on Netflix, it may have started a bit slow but by the last season it had really hit it's stride! TCW had some very memorable characters!
 Anyway that show was a bridge between Episode II AotC and Episode III RotS. Now we have Star Wars Rebels which I believe will bridge Episode III RotS and Next year's Rogue One live action movie.
TCW show left off with one of the clones...Fives if I recall figuring out the plot and the inhibitor chips real purpose, and here we are years later and Kanan trying to teach Ezra how to be a Jedi, but this episode Ezra reminds Kanan what it is to be a Jedi....fear leads to anger....yada yada yada.
Good start to the new season!