Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Free Swim 2015 movie recap

At the beginning of the year I choose 15 movies I felt were must see's, well there's only 3 days left in the year so lets see how those movies stacked up too each other


3. I didn't review TFA...there's plenty of those out there. I did write about my thoughts on where I hope the sequel trilogy goes from here... http://free-swim.blogspot.com/2015/12/star-wars-episode-vii-force-awakens.html

I will say this, people were so anti the PT anything remotely close to the OT would've done gang-busters, little did anyone expect the level of rehashing of the OT that would occur in TFA!
My friends all asked me at the end of the movie that was better right? Riiiiiggghhtt?? I didn't answer right away because I knew after digesting the experience the cracks would show and lo & behold......




This was an interesting science fiction movie, a definite slow burn but it poses some very thought invoking questions in an almost social experimental type way.
I really enjoyed the mysterious nature of both Ava and Nathan, both characters existed in a grey area where it was very difficult to know their true intentions.
The movie also starred Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson before we knew them as Poe Dameron and General Hux.


I was excited to see Guillermo del Toro return to the horror genre, I really enjoyed Pan's Labyrinth. Unfortunately I didn't find Crimson Peak as engaging as Pan's Labyrinth. There were a few creepy moments in the film but the house at Crimson Peak was the definitely the most unnerving thing in the movie. My major problem with the film was I didn't believe the romance between Edith and Sir Thomas Sharpe. I immediately knew Thomas and Lucille were up to no good. so was Edith so blinded by love that she didn't sense Lucille was just left of center and for an educated woman who had doctor friends how the F didn't she realize she was being poisoned by the tea!
Unfortunately Crimson Peak suffers the same fate as The 9th Gate....good potential to be very scary but never actually does.


C'mon with a title like Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal you know it's gonna be awesome....kinda!
OK so the CGI was dismal but seeing Zhong Kui transforming into a demon to steal the dark crystal from the realm of Satan is worth the price of admission. If you can look past the awful CG SGatDC is an enjoyable story of love, betrayal, and spinal cord swords! 

Dracula doing the worm....nuff said.

Remember the guys from Road Trip? Well this is what I imagine they grew up to become...
This is a highly forgettable American remake.
Worst best friends ever...
The Loft Movie Review

I swear I've seen this movie before...anyway I watched it, and forgot it
Hell hath no fury like a woman reanimated after getting electrocuted for helping her boyfriend experiment. Aside from the "Evil Olivia Wilde" effects, this was not a good scary movie. 

And here's the others I listed back in January that I never got around to seeing for one reason or another.

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