Thursday, December 31, 2015

Movie Review: The Hateful Eight

Well shut my mouth and call me quiet, The Hateful Eight is one helluva Western/Murder Mystery! Sam Jackson as usual in Tarantino films was terrific as a post civil war vet, Major Marquis Warren, his performance in The Hateful Eight was quite possibly his best to date in any of Tarantino's films....
Jennifer Jason Leigh plays Daisey Domergue, a prisoner of the bounty hunter John Ruth "The Hangman" played by Kurt Russel and his awesome mutton chops!
I actually preferred this movie over D'jango Unchained because this movie wasn't focused on such a horrible subject like slavery where D'jango waffled...serious at some points and ridiculous at others (unlike 10 years a Slave). Hateful Eight simply felt like a modern retelling of a western.
I loved the setting and cinematography in this movie, and putting all the clues together in Minnie's Haberdashery was half the fun! The Hateful Eight is definitely a slow burn, but story time with Major Marquis Warren is absolutely unforgettable! Years ago I went snowbording at Windham Mtn and after sun set it was so fucking cold I thought my nuts crawled up into my stomach, I can't imagine walking buck ass naked in that cold for 5 minutes let alone 2 God forsaken hours!
Now a word of warning for those of you who found yourselves sitting in a theater watching D'jango  and felt uncomfortable with all the N-bombs.....The Hateful Eight carpet bombs you with N-Bombs!!! Be prepared.....
The scene where John Ruth learns the truth about the Lincoln letter resonated with me because what Major Marquis Warren said to John unfortunate still holds true to this day.
Tarantino shows us the ugly face of post civil war America but it also offers a glimpse of hope at the very end that didn't quite offset the hate and prejudice seen throughout but it did show a glimmer of hope.