Saturday, January 2, 2016

Macross Delta Preview Episode .089

I'm kicking off 2016 in a Super Decultcha way, watching the preview episode .089 for Macross Delta!
M: Delta takes place in the year 2067, only a few years after Frontier, there was a lot to take in this preview and the pace was relentless but I enjoyed it. For those new to Macross it might be a little overwhelming. I was happy they kept the galactic map that showed the courses of the immigration fleets across the galaxy that was seen in Macross Frontier!
I was actually surprised this episode introduced so many characters, we first meet Freyja Wion the young stowaway that dreams of competing on Planet Laguna to be the newest member of Walkure, an idol group that is dispatched along with the Delta Squadron to combat the Var Syndrome, a mysterious disease that destabilizes the victim and sets them into a violent homicidal rage (terrorism). I thought Freyja Wion was adorable and displayed many of the same naive tendencies that we've seen in the past with other young wanna be idols...Minmay, Mao Nome, Ranka Lee.

Then we meet Hayate Immelmann a laid back kid working on planet Al Shahal on the cargo docks, he hasn't found anything in life that truly excites him....yet.
Next we meet Mikumo Guynemer the lead vocalist of Walkure who appears to be undercover on a mission but is aware of Freyja, soon after we meet Second Lieutenant Mirage Farina Jenius! Hayate reminds me of Max and then Mirage has his last name.....interesting.
Then the Var outbreak strikes at a Zentradi base and all hell breaks loose at Al Shahal City and the Delata Squadron with their respective Walkure procede to neutralize the threat!
It was cool seeing the old school Regults in action after so many years, seeing the Walkure "transform" to "go live" was kinda silly in a Sailor Moon kinda way, not cool like Kill La Kill,  I hope they don't show this sequence every time they "transform".

After my second viewing I'm getting a Macross II vibe from certain aspects of Delta such as when we hear the dirge like hymn that causes the Var outbreak on Al Shahal on the Zentradi base. The long staircase with the throne at the top reminded me of where Ishtar sat in MII . And the Walkure remind me of the Minmay Attack from MII as well.
Seeing the Aerial Knights come out of fold was a relief, the Vajra were ok but I much prefer humanoid enemies over bugs, the dog fight between SV 262 Draken and the VF31 Siegfried was ok, but nothing extraordinary.
I tried to rationalize why the Aerial Knights hate the Walkure so much and the only illogical conclusion I could come up with was they hate rainbows and pop music groups (I can relate).
I do know the Aerial Knights are from the Kingdom of Windmere....and so is Freyja, that is gonna be a thorn in the Aerial Knights plans to vanquish the Walkure! Ahhh the drama!
I enjoyed the episode and look forward to future of the series and franchise as a whole.

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