Sunday, December 27, 2015

Back to the Current Gen! My Gaming pilgrimage from PS3 to PS2 to PS4 FINALLY!

23 months ago my PS3 suffered a fatal YLOD, two months after the PS4 launch. So while most gamers moved forwards to the next (current) generation of console gaming I actually took a step back and was playing on my PS2.
Not the end of the world I took the opportunity to revisit some PS1 and PS2 titles....ok it was fun for a while but Old School is only fun if it's by choice and you can go back to playing games from this millennium but I couldn't and weeks turned to months, months to years! I felt like I was lost, forgotten in a gaming wasteland that time forgot....

But my time in the wasteland is coming to an end! I finally got a PS4 this Christmas! I got the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection Bundle for $299.99 which is great as I never bought the Uncharted Games last generation but I always wanted to play them. In my opinion this is an amzing bundle at that price point, I have a feeling PS4 console sales skyrocketed during the window this bundle was selling for $299.99!

So 23 months have passed I wonder how many of my friends deleted me from their friends list thinking I was never returning. 
I will find out when I complete the initial setup on Wednesday.