Saturday, December 19, 2015

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens: Thoughts and looking to the the future

Let me just start out by saying the first hour of TFA eclipses the entire PT in acting, dialog, creature effects, character development, humor, and drama, it felt like the OT, it felt like a piece of a puzzle that fits nicely.
The Son saves the father but the father can't save the son....
Last year I read The Star Wars Ring Theory , much of which I was already aware of but this documentary really brought my understanding into a much clearer focus, now it's far to early to guess if this new trilogy will work within the ring theory but if we assume it will then the paths of Rey and Kylo may not end as they began much like Anakin/Vader.
I'm not going to review the movie because I initially enjoyed TPM until it all sank I will give this experience time to settle in and be mentally digested.
I will say I love that there are still many unanswered questions and we the fans don't know the course the Sequel Trilogy is gonna take unlike the PT which we all already knew what the outcome was going to be.
One thing that I felt this movie did not do a good job fleshing out is the state of the Republic, so the Empire is dissolved and it's once again the Galactic Republic? The Rebel Alliance is now the Resistance,    I'm sorry but an Alliance sounds a lot more powerful than a Resistance. And from the way it sounds the Republic and the Resistance are two separate entities that are not working together against the First Order. I also have some theories about the First Order and Supreme Leader Snoke but I need to watch the movie again.
Something interesting crossed my mind last night as I was thinking about the movie, what was Yoda's advice to Luke on Dagobah when he had his vision via the force in ESB?
"Save them you might, but sacrifice everything they have fought and suffered for you will"
You can't tell me that Luke didn't foresee Han's....destiny....hell he probably didn't even need the force to figure there was some serious issues at the Solo homestead!
So why didn't Luke do what he does...and go to the Starkiller base and stop Kylo???
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Luke knows of the conflict in Ben/Kylo and is also aware of the ancient evil coughplagueiscough. I think Luke will use that conflict to his advantage against Snoke.
Now onto Daisey Ridley's she a descendant of the Skywalker bloodline? If so how? What's her midichlorian count? JUST KIDDING! Seeing her raw ability to use the force against Kylo was so entertaining but I fear she might be seduced by the Dark Side....she was extremely aggressive when she countered Kylo's mind probe and once she took Anakins Light saber.
That was my favorite scene in the entire movie!!!! The fan service of seeing Kylo try to pull the light saber hilt out of the snow ala Luke on Hoth for it to fly past him into Kira's  Rey's hand!
So here's what I hope to see in episode VIII...Luke training Rey (again)...possibly a juxtaposition of the Sith rule of 2 now for the Jedi. Kylo traveling to Korriban to train under Plagueis. 
Leia traveling to Coruscant for political mumbo jumbo.
Chewie and Finn being hunted by Phasma and a squad of First Order Storm Troopers across the galaxy and they run into Lando Calrissian.
A major revelation regarding Rey.....I HIGHLY DOUBT she's Luke's daughter...more likely born much the same as Anakin by either the Force or a Master Manipulator of Midichlorians......
Well that's it for now, go see Episode VII The Force Awakens, it's a great addition to the saga and I didn't spot Darth Jar Jar anywhere but if they snuck him in he's probably in Maz Kanatta's temple.