Saturday, December 5, 2015

Street Fighter V: Here Comes a New Challenger! F.A.N.G. Reveal

 I'm seriously on the fence with F.A.N.G.
He's a hard core homage Kung Fu movie trope, similar to the two brothers from Kung Fu Hustle (I love that movie).
He's got potential but I can't believe he's Sagat's replacement as one of the 4 kings of Shadaloo. There's definitely something odd about his arms they seem disproportionate to his body. I think there's something freaky under his robes, I think his CA looks ridiculous and not in a good way.
The stage looks awesome!! But why the F is Buzz Light year running around????
What I am excited for is Sagat's new story which will finally see him let go of is hatred for losing to Ryu. Will he adopt a new pupil to train? Will Adon return to Sagat?
We see Balrog is still 1 of the 4 King's of Shadaloo so why isn't he in the core roster? I think the story will have him doubling down with the Illuminati and Shadaloo, that's why he's coming with the first wave of post launch DLC characters along with Alex and Urien.  

Look it could be worse...Capcom could've created a character based on the villain from The Crippled Masters.......