Friday, June 26, 2015

Movie Review: Jurassic World

I had serious doubts about this movie, but I will admit I enjoyed it...and all the homages it paid to the original Jurassic Park.
This movie could've failed miserably, funny thing the movie actually addresses how to boost park attendance and in reality it's also speaking to us, what's going to attract us to return to see another Jurassic Park movie? Clearly it is no longer the wonderment of seeing Brachiosaurus, Pterodactyls,  Velociraptors and Tyrannosaurus Rex....lets create something that can't be found in books and museums and lets give it a cool name Indominus Rex! Let's up that wow factor....
Well it worked in the movie and at the box office!
Ok enough about the dinosaurs for now, Chris Pratt (Owen Grady) knocked the role out of the park...Perfect casting! He absolutely had me convinced he was the Steve Irwin of Velociraptors.
Bryce Dallas Howard (Claire Dearing) did not convince me her character was the Operations Manager of Mega Million dollar theme park that's claim to fame was real living dinosaurs. Her voice and mannerisms kinda betrayed the seriousness and magnitude of responsibility that goes with being Operations Manager of Jurassic World.
Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins played Claire's nephews, Zack and Grey. The two do a great job, Ty really impressed me with his range of emotions, his fear was palpable for both situations he was dealing with in JW.

Years before the first trailer came out for Jurassic World I read about a proposed script that had weaponized dinosaurs....I laughed my ass off, but JW did something pretty smart... they ever so slightly planted the seed that will keep the franchise alive.
Weyland Yutani has been after a Xenomorph for how many decades????

As I mentioned at the beginning JW pays alot of homage to JP, I wasn't really bothered by it as some were. And the final showdown was amazing and dare I say better than Godzilla Vs Muto.
Oh and the scene where Starlord is driving his motorcyle thru the woods while following Raptor team 6 isn't as ridiculous as it originally seemed.
My only gripes were the glaring lack of closure to the reason Nick and Ty went to JW in the first place and how Claire didn't break a heel while trying to rescue the boys with Owen!

Blue you're my boy!

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