Thursday, June 11, 2015

Street Fighter V New Gameplay Trailer and Battle System Trailer!

Well E3 is still a ways off but Capcom seems to be departing the hype train early for Street Fighter V....and you know where it's leaving from? London! Yep we get a sweet game play trailer between Ryu and Bison in the stage in London.

And a new trailer that explains the new battle system of Street Fighter V!
V-Skill: Unique per character.
V-Reversal: Unique counter per character, uses 1 block of V-meter.
V-Trigger: Unique ability per character, uses whole V-meter (super moves)
Critical Arts= Ultra

Anyone notice Nash's vertical Sonic Hurricane!!!

Here's Polygon's Gameplay video for Street Fighter V

And Polygons's Critical Arts for the 4 revealed characters so far (1 per character)

More Gamespot trailers

And Gamespot's discussion on wether SFV is a worthy sucessor to SFIV..

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