Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Interwebs Movie Review: Kung Fury

When a bad movie tries to deceive us into thinking it's good that's uhhh bad...
But when a bad movie embraces it's badness that movie becomes something uhhhh better than bad, it becomes LEGENDARY!!!!!!
God Bless the 80's Kung Fury revels in all the majesty of that decade from the music to the video games to the motion pictures.
Self aware arcade cabinets, Nintendo Power Glove, Time Hacking, the Kung Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, hot Viking chicks that ride T-Rex's Mighty Thor saying Hammer Time....doing an Ollie while riding a nazi like a skate board, a golden robotic eagle vs T Rex, the Hof9000....

I'm actually happy Kung Fury made it's Kick Starter Goal and came to fruition!
Kung Fury is the best 80's movie of 2015!

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