Wednesday, June 10, 2015

iZombie Season 1 my verdict

So the first season of iZombie concluded last night and it finished strong, in fact I enjoyed the entire 13 episode season very much! My wife who initially wrote off the series also found the show very entertaining. Like I mentioned in an earlier post I love the irony of the show and as others have stated iZombie balances the drama and comedy very well.
A perfect example of this would be in last nights episode when Major goes all Rick Grimes on Meat Cute then gets stabbed by Blaine and he reveals the truth about Liv when she arrives to rescue him.
The show leaves enough to ponder until season 2 begins, will Liv's brother live? How will she explain why she can't give him the blood transfusion? What will happens to people when they drink Super Max Rager? Will Blaine try to become a Zombie again? Will Ravi's cure work permanently? How will he be able replicate the cure now that he's used all the tainted utopian? How the hell does Det, Babineaux not have a clue!?Will Major continue his life as a zombie hunter? What about Peyton...where is she?
The episode where Ravi was bit by the zombie rat was when I realized I cared about the characters in the show.
Like I said before iZombie's fresh light-hearted take on the genre is a refreshing change from the more serious approach of TWD....which I'm also a fan of since the first season. So if you passed on this show because it didn't look serious enough for you, watch a few might be surprised!
You can check out some recent episodes on the CW's website HERE .